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Document Depository

Centext understands the complexity and infrastructure involved in the creation of a document management system and solution by providing a document depository platform that is easy to use and ensures document encryption and integrity.

Centext provides full-time depository coordinators to assist with all client needs. Master indexes are immediately available and updated daily for every case, both in the physical depository and online for your convenience. Our facilities feature multiple private computer viewing stations to review documents and research online. We also have software support personnel to assist with any technical questions or needs.

For our online depositories, our customized digital CentextLocator software offers secure online search and retrieval capabilities of all documents including review, text searching across multiple documents using combined field and text criteria, create document folders and subfolders at every tier, highlighting, issue coding, tagging, annotation, and redaction of images. Documents are easily downloaded and printed at your convenience anywhere and at any time. This time-saving technology frees you from traveling long distances to access information. No special software is required.

Just log in and all of your documents are available. Our digital legal depository uses the highest level of online security and multiple password protection. To take advantage of our online CentextLocator depository services, please complete the Online Depository Sign-Up Form.

For our hard copy depositories, all deposited documents are stored in a secure environment and immediately updated to the complimentary master index, color-coded, labeled, checked for accuracy, and placed in the well-organized depository according to the special needs of the case. Documents are available for easy retrieval by all parties. Dedicated viewing stations are available for parties’ use throughout the depository. All forms of electronic evidence may be accessed from our computer viewing stations.

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Experienced Depository Coordinators

Internet-Based Digital Document Depository

User-Friendly Search Engine

Secure Access to Depository

State-of-the-Art Scanners

High-Speed Printing

Document Creation, Preparation and Storage

Electronic Bates Numbering and Indexing

OCR Imaging (Optical Character Recognition)