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Court Reporting

Our experienced and dedicated court reporters specialize in all facets of litigation. By proudly providing only the most talented, experienced, and technically-trained court reporters in the industry, Centext is able to streamline operations and provide our clients with exceptional product quality and service.

We offer global coverage with offices and affiliates to service your court reporting needs nationally and abroad. With Centext at your service, you have complete web-based solutions to fully manage your deposition calendar schedule, transcripts, exhibits, video depositions, and all deposition related needs.

Our realtime reporters enable you to receive an instant display of deposition testimony as it is spoken via a direct feed or through broadcast streaming via the internet, which gives remote parties the ability to receive the deposition text and video over the web in real time. Daily or expedited services and rough drafts are available options that provide you with the product you require for urgent matters.

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Global Coverage 24/7

Online Access to Calendar, Transcripts, Exhibits and Invoices

Updated Daily Case Calendar

Master Exhibit Binders

Realtime Transcripts

Rough Draft Transcripts

Daily and Expedited Transcripts

Broadcast Streaming Realtime to Remote Parties

Split Billing

Direct Billing to Insurance Carriers